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The new building designed byArch. Alex Cepernich, will present an installation in the facade ANAMORPHISM, thanks to the presence of architectural design elements, which will create a unique optical illusion, with the desire to make the building an open-air exhibition object, an added value for the community and its owners. The project, built on the site of an old abandoned factory, will be characterized by the presence of 11 "UNIQUE" housing units, each one different from the other, all equipped with free-standing metal windows overlooking terraces and/or gardens. The property will be characterized by "PURE" materials and shapes with the desire to accentuate the contemporary character, thus fitting into the artistic context of the area, while still paying close attention to preserving the functional and liveability aspects of the individual units. The external parts will dialogue directly with the internal spaces, in search of a precise harmony that is not repetitive and standardised.

Bergamo 7 is located in a strategic position in the heart of Turin, a few steps from the Nuvola, Lavazza headquarters, in a dynamic urban context and perfectly served by all essential services such as: schools, supermarkets, post offices, public transport, parks, gyms and sports centres. The residence is inserted in the frame of the Aurora district, the new active propeller of important artistic and cultural initiatives such as the Ettore Fico Museum, the Plart Foundation, the Marco Noire Contemporary art Gallery and the Gagliardi Art System.

Accurate design research has allowed the creation of "quality spaces" through a sustainable approach that tends to reduce the consumption of environmental resources and puts the well-being of the person back at the center of architecture. The commercial surfaces of the individual apartments will be between 80 and 137 m2, which can be merged if desired. The first floor will consist of two residential units with a terrace and private garden. The remaining 4 floors will alternate rhythmically so as to create double-height terraces thus eliminating accentuated shading and allowing light to enter the apartments more easily. On the top floor, a single real estate unit of 175 m2 with a suggestive terrace.


  • Anti-seismic
  • Air conditioning
  • Radiant panels
  • Heat pumps
  • Photovoltaic
  • Thermal coat
  • Energy class A4

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